What is Marek Health?2021-11-01T19:07:28+00:00
Marek Health is a cutting-edge health services provider that currently offers two lines of business:

1 – Concierge Tele-Health Services For Men & Women
Individualized Medicine and Treatment Plans Specializing in:

  • Thyroid Function

Book an appointment with a patient care coordinator and they will guide you through the on-boarding process: documenting and reviewing your medical history and goals, ordering and reviewing appropriate diagnostic labwork, and handling any communication with the physician group.
When you are a patient at Marek, you have an entire team working for you, not just one doctor.

2 – Diagnostic Labwork Fulfillment Services
If you would like to order diagnostic lab-work and do not require interpretation by a professional, you can order labs directly from our website.

(If you would like help selecting the appropriate lab package based on your health goals/concerns we suggest you book an appointment with one of our patient care coordinators who can walk you through the process.)

Do you accept health insurance?2021-10-30T12:42:50+00:00
Marek Health does not bill health insurance plans for any of our services, as they are considered elective.

We DO accept HSA/FSA as payment for our goods/services.
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are special accounts with tax benefits provided by your health insurance plan that can be spent on health related goods and services only.


Most plans will issue you a debit card, which can be used like a regular credit card when purchasing things from us. There is also typically a claims form or process on the providers website, where you will need to submit the invoice we supply you after payment for goods/services to be issued a refund check from your HSA/FSA balance.
Please contact your health insurance company directly for information about FSA/HSA.

We will not contact health insurance providers on your behalf or provide support of any kind.

I am NOT a United States Resident, can I still work with Marek?2021-11-01T19:08:13+00:00
Unfortunately, we are currently serving only U.S. based residents at this time, but we’re working on expanding our services to Canadian residents in the near future as well.

At this time we have no concrete plans to expand into Europe or elsewhere, but it could be an option in the future. Please continue to check our website from time to time and look for advancements in global expansion plans.

Can I visit Marek Health in person?2021-10-30T12:43:28+00:00
At this time Marek Health is strictly an online service.

The physical locations we maintain are strictly for administrative purposes at this time. Neither physicians, nor patient care coordinators are present at these offices and they are not open to the general public.

What should I do in the event of a medical emergency?2021-10-30T12:43:59+00:00
If you feel that you are having a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 for medical assistance and/or visit the nearest emergency room. Once in a stable condition, notify Marek Health of your emergency, but DO NOT contact Marek Health first.

A medical emergency is a sudden injury or serious illness that, if not treated right away, could cause death or serious harm to you. Marek Health is not equipped to practice emergency medicine. Staff members will reply at their earliest convenience, but may not be immediately available to answer any questions regarding your care.

If you are unsure if you are having a medical emergency, or are exhibiting symptoms which appear to be life threatening, default to the highest level of escalation and call 9-1-1 for medical assistance and/or visit the nearest emergency room. DO NOT WAIT.

If you are unsure where the nearest emergency room is located, dial 9-1-1 to find one.

What are the program requirements to be a patient at Marek?2021-11-01T19:09:30+00:00
In order to achieve the highest level of care possible, Marek has certain standards which are considered baseline requirements for being a patient.
  • In-Person Physical 1x per year
    Since we are a tele-health provider, we need to make sure a qualified health professional (MD, DO, PA, NP) is attesting to your physical health, and to ensure legal compliance.
  • Physician Consult 1x per year
    If you are in good health and on a stable protocol, you need to see a provider at least once per year via telemed visit. However, it is up the the providers discretion how frequent you should be seen based on their interpretation of your lab-work and overall health.
  • Diagnostic Labs 2x per year
    We requiring the basic male/female panel to be pulled every 6 months to get a complete picture of your overall health and wellness. Additional labs may be required if abnormalities are found, or there are pre-existing conditions that warrant further monitoring.
I don’t have a PCP, where can I get a Physical Exam done?2021-10-30T12:44:49+00:00
If you do not have a primary care physician (PCP) you can get a physical by a MD, DO, PA, NP credentialed provider at an urgent care clinic or similar setting.
Please find our phsical exam form here.
How long does it typically take to fulfill a medication order?2021-11-01T19:10:44+00:00
We know what you’re thinking…. “I can go to my local pharmacy with a script from my doctor, wait 15 minutes and walk out with my medications. What is taking so long?!!!!!”

When your order is placed, a complex series of processes kicks off behind the scenes, involving multiple departments at multiple companies:

  • First, Marek staff must manually review the order for accuracy, and submit it to the pharmacy via a manual process. If your order is being fulfilled with multiple pharmacies, our staff has to log into each pharmacy portal and submit the order.
  • Next, your physician must review your prescription and sign off for its release to you at the pharmacy. If your order is being fulfilled with multiple pharmacies, your physician has to log into each pharmacy portal and approve the orders. The physicians are also working with patients during the day and typically approve orders once per day.
  • Your order is finally being processed by the compounding pharmacy! Unlike the retail pharmacy down the street from you, a compounding pharmacy makes your medications on the spot when the order is placed. They cannot just grab an item off the shelf and fulfill the order. Depending on the size of your order, and the complexity of the compounding, it can take up to 48hours to make all your medications. Once your order is complete, it must be reviewed and signed off by the Pharmacist fulfilling the order. Lastly, your order undergoes another final inspection by the shipping department before it is boxed up and sent to you.

We only use 503A/503B FDA Approved and Audited compounding pharmacies as our fulfillment partners. This allows us to customize the delivery routes, strength, and other characteristics of the medication to provide a more targeted and effective treatment.

How long does it take for my lab results to come back?2021-11-01T19:11:25+00:00
Marek Health uses third party vendors to fulfill its Diagnostic Lab Orders.

Our Primary vendor is LabCorp.

Depending on the complexity of the panel you are having drawn, the time frames for results can vary greatly. We have most recently been seeing 5-7+ day turn around on basic panels, and 10-14+ days for comprehensive panels.

Many of the tests included in our panels utilize complex testing methodologies that take a long time to process and result. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up this process. While there are cheaper/quicker tests that could be substituted to achieve a quicker turn around time on results, they would not reflect the standard of care that Marek holds for its patients.

We will continue to explore new testing methodologies as they become available to ensure we are always offering the best solutions to our patients.

I am interested in ‘X’ medication, does Marek offer it?2021-10-30T12:46:08+00:00
Marek Health is leading the way in access to the latest treatments and pharmaceuticals.

If you are interested in discussing a specific medication, please contact one of our patient care coordinators for more information on our products and services.

Why can’t you provide ‘X’ product/service/medication to me?2021-11-01T19:12:02+00:00
The regulatory landscape for pharmaceutical medications and health services varies greatly from state to state, and changes almost daily.

Some states have imposed restrictions on:

  • Restriction on Days Supply allowed per order
  • Restriction on import of specific medications out of state
  • Outright ban of certain medications

Marek Health complies with all state and federal laws, and may not be able to provide certain products/services/medications based on your place of residence in order to ensure legal compliance.

I have recent Labwork and/or Physical Exam, can you accept them?2021-10-30T12:46:44+00:00
Yes, but we recommend you first speak with the PCC about the topic during your intake evaluation. One value we provide is helping you select and order the appropriate diagnostic tests necessary for your individual goals.

Marek Health will accept your existing diagnostic labs only if they are no more than 30 days old and meet at minimum the equivalent of the Comprehensive Male/Female Panel.

We accept physical exams that were completed within the last 3 months from your application date. Keep in mind, we require physical exams at 12 month intervals. If you apply with a physical exam that was done 6 months ago, you will be required to get another physical done in 6 months (when your 12 month period has expired for that physical.)

How long is my Lab Request Form valid for? Can I wait to use it in the future?2021-10-30T12:47:23+00:00
LabCorp Requisition forms are valid for 6 months from the issue date.

We encourage you to get your labs done promptly after purchase, as all sales are final and non-refundable once the requisition form has been generated.

Can Marek Health send my prescriptions to be filled at my local pharmacy?2021-11-03T16:35:14+00:00

Prescriptions will only be filled by a partnered 503b compounding pharmacy of Marek Health’s choice. This is to ensure the quality and timeliness of your order is being met to our standards.


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